Colombier, St Barth | a Rustic & Remote coastline 17°55′14″N 62°52′13″W



Colombier beach is located on the Northwestern part of St Barth, and holds the exclusivity in being the last beach on the island without road access. This means that the beach is secluded and free of any manmade structures, though one building at the top of the hill can be found, which was a leading player in the development of St barth as we know it today (read more below).


This beach is perfect for those looking to be surrounded by nature. L’anse de Colombier is now part of the French natural marine reserve, giving wildlife a healthy opportunity of cohabitating in this area. The reserve have also recently implemented a rule where only smaller sized vessels can anchor/moor in the bay.


Whilst it being the only means of access via land, the path to Colombier is also a nice trail to walk and takes about 15-20 minutes from where you can park your vehicle in Petit Anse.


Due to St barth’s strict rules on speeding on the water (5 knots max), turtles have been given a fair chance at dodging boat propellors and thus the island is known for its large amount of turtles. And with no exception, Colombier boasts itself with these gentle creatures, aswell as startfish.

This french territory is relatively low on reef and coral, though snorkeling along the rocky coastline has some picturesque underwater sights with some interesting marine life.


If you are traveling by boat, this is a perfect anchorage (on a calm day with NE winds) for lunch.


With no other building in sight, the once owned property by David & Peggy, also know as the ‘Rockerfellar home’, stands proudly on the top of the hill on the southside of Colombier. It was recently purchased from its previous owner, as per :

A waterfront property once owned by David Rockefeller on the island of St. Barthélemy has traded hands for around $136 million, according to people familiar with the deal. 

The off-market sale is a record for the Caribbean island, a popular vacation destination for the rich and famous, according to Wimco Real Estate owner Douglas Foregger, an adviser on the deal. 

The buyer of the roughly 130-acre estate is commodities trader Adam Sinn, owner of Aspire Commodities, said Mr. Foregger, who worked with Mr. Sinn on the transaction. “

The house was built in the 60’s for the purpose of a holiday home, and designed by architect Nelson Aldrich with a unique style in which the stone structure blends in well with its natural habitat. The build of this house kickstarted the interest of the rich and famous to spend time on this island.

Once only accesible by boat or foot, in recent years a roughed-in road has been put in place allowing 4-wheel drive vehicles to access the house.

There is not much left of the house as it was destroyed in previous hurricanes, though we look forward to seeing what the new owner has in store for this stunning location. The owner does however have strict zoning regulations to adhere to which limit the development of a large part of the property.

(Another interesting read on this house: )


As mentioned, this beach can not be accessed by road and so there few options.


One can drive to Petit Anse, where they can park their car and continue their journey by foot.

Google maps route:


The 15-20 minute walk from Petit Anse to l’Anse de Colombier is mostly flat, and without much foliage , so make sure to protect yourself well from the sun.

St Barth Petit Anse
Petit Anse lies next to Colombier and is connected by a 15-20 minute walking trail

Popular with local boaters as well as visitors from neighbouring islands, this beach can fill up pretty fast during the high season. Thankfully though, recent legislation has prevented large boats from anchoring here, keeping is somewhat less packed.

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