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Planning your Bachelor(ette) in the Caribbean


Spending your bachelor(ette) event in the Caribbean is the perfect way to celebrate what’s to come, with your favorite people – and we love being part of that experience!

As we love organizing, we’ve laid out a few points to take into consideration when planning and booking your trip. 



You know what they say; it’s all about the location. First things first, wherever you go in the Caribbean, you’ll NO doubt find pretty beaches and anchorages. You will however be able to find different atmospheres and It’s important to understand what kind of destination you are looking for. There is something for everyone:


ST BARTH – Party central: 

Are you looking for parties, nouveau riche, to see and to be seen? Are you and your friends interested in going to one of the richest places in the world, right here on our doorstep? Where celebrities spend their holidays? Then St Barths is your destination. This stunning island has incredible swimstops and things to do. 


ANGUILLA – Caribbean Calm:

Just because its calm, doesn’t mean you can’t go there to party! Anguilla is the other island where the rich and famous hang out. Only, this island is a lot more low key, and less about to being seen. In fact, that is the beautify of Anguilla, you can spend a day cruising the islands coastlines whilst hardly seeing anyone. 

We definitely vote for Anguilla when it comes to perfect white sand beaches, pristine waters, and secluded anchorages. 



Sint Maarten is not only our base location of Pyratz, it’s also one of the most diverse islands you’ll find in the Caribbean. Both the Dutch side Sint Maarten as well as the French Saint Martin, have different things to offer. SXM for short, this island is great for 


Depending on where your journey starts, you can decide to visit one of the other islands, or cruise the local coastline. Depending on the weather, we will take you to the calmer bays or little islets around the main islands. Anguilla for instance has stunning smaller islands such as Scrub Island (our favorite) as well as Prickly pear, Sandy Island and Dog Island. Saint Martin too has islets such as Creale rock, Tintamare and Pinel. And likewise, Saint Barth has a stunning island off its west coast named Ile Fourchue.




Bachelor(ette) celebrations are usually done during the day onboard Pyratz – that’s not to say it can’t be done at night – but we have had some great experiences during our day trips so we would recommend either the half day or full day Gourmet Charter. 

This is where your “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION” comes in, to know where you’ll be cruising for the day. 

PLEASE NOTE: our trips to St Barth are not listen on the website, so you would need to enquire with us directly per email here

To see all our half day and full day trips from the different islands, click here.



Once you’ve selected the charter type, you may want to add something to make your trip unique for you and your loved ones. Let us know your preferences, and we can customize as you want. 

We do already have a few add-ons listed from which you can choose. If your wish is not listed, no problem, send us a message and we will try to arrange it!


      • Live music: we work with an incredible harpist and guitar player, both also accompanied with (or without) vocals

      • Water toys: For the active and adventurous, you can add the rental of a Seabob, underwater scooter, or jet ski.

      • Dining options: fancy some extra options such as a charcuterie board or a delicious cake?

      • Bottle service: Outside of our open bar, we also offer bottle service for those who want to go the extra mile with some of our top-end brands such as Clase Azul and Allkkemist.

      • Photography: Would you like to have your special day captured? We offer both an inhouse and professional photographer who will capture the day through both photos and drone footage (see our gallery below for some of the photography footage!)
      • The unlisted option: It’s important for us to know that each trip can remain unique on their own, and therefore your request that isn’t listed, is something we will gladly take into consideration. Just send us an email and we can discuss your special request and hopefully bring this to fruition!


    It’s not for nothing that Pyratz makes for a great way to celebrate your Caribbean Bachelor(ette) party, and experience one of the best moments of your life. We truly go out of our way to make your dream a reality. Have a look here at some of our past experiences onboard!





    Charter type:

    • Full Day around St Barth onboard Motor catamaran Ever Glorious 


    Charter type: