Terms &


The itinerary may change depending on the weather on the day of the charter.

A change of itinerary is not subject to cancellation or price discount.

Any onboard damages occurred during the charter, due to the negligence of the guests, will be charged to the guests’ credit card on file.

In consideration of Pyratz Gourmet Sailing allowing the customer to make use of the boat and equipment, the customer agrees to assume the foreseeable and unforeseeable risk of personal injuries related to the activity, and agrees to discharge Pyratz Gourmet Sailing, its owners and employees free from any and all liabilities.

By signing the Terms & Conditions, I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute any payment with my credit card company. I have read and understood the charter contract and terms and conditions outlined above.

I, ____________________________________, hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read the cancellation policy along with the terms & conditions of Pyratz Gourmet Sailing B.V. / Botz Marine S.A.S, understand the content thereof, and am agreeing with it voluntarily on my own free will.