Power Failures Spark Increase in Sailing Holidays


In light of recent issues with the local power plant, where Sint Maarten has been experiencing multiple power outages a day due to technical problems, there has been a significant rise in charter tourism. While some international media have exaggerated the levels of discomfort for tourists caused by the power cuts, the new trend comes as no surprise, as charter boats are self-reliant, generating their own power and water, allowing them to cruise the different islands without being affected by land-based issues.


Power cuts, colloquially known as “GEBE gone,” are an ingrained part of Caribbean life. Most islands, including Dutch Sint Maarten, rely on diesel-generated power from plants like GEBE NV. Recently, this government-owned company has faced serious issues with outdated equipment, resulting in daily load shedding across the Dutch side.

Fortunately, many hotels and restaurants are well-prepared for power shortages, using backup generators or solar power to keep life as normal as possible. However, some establishments without these backup options face tough times, making it even more important to support them when power is available.

Despite the challenges, Sint Maarten remains a sunny and stable destination for tourists. The media’s portrayal of the situation often misses the reality on the ground.


Amidst these power issues, charter tourism has emerged as a perfect solution. Charter boats, like those offered by Pyratz, are completely self-sufficient. They generate their own power and water, ensuring a seamless and luxurious experience. Guests can explore the beautiful islands without worrying about power outages, enjoying the freedom and adventure that comes with sailing the Caribbean.



Our power catamarans provide all the comforts of home, including gourmet meals prepared by an onboard chef, spacious cabins, and stunning ocean views. Whether you’re anchoring in a secluded cove or sailing to a vibrant island, you’ll experience the best of Caribbean life. 


Experience the Best of the Caribbean

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