Little Bay, Anguilla – Ignite the adventure amidst serenity



Just above Crocus Bay lies a beautiful slice of paradise, discriptive of its name, “Little Bay”. This small West-facing beach is an absolute favorite anchorage of ours with some spectacular characteristics.

Protected by its status as a Marine Park, the ocher cliffs that drop straight into the water make for a pretty snorkeling spot. There are often entire schools of fish, which make it a good feeding ground for marine birds, especially pelicans.  


Lobster anyone? We love bringing our guests to Little Bay for lunch. It really feels like sharing a good meal in paradise! Though there are plenty other things to do here:


We already mentioned it, but Little bay is incredible for snorkeling as it has lots of marine life.

Cliff Jumping

Another favorite is cliff jumping; many of the photos we share online of our cliff jumps are taken right here! If you are keen but need a comfort boost, our captains are always excited to take the plunge with you.

Cave Exploring

Not for the faint hearted, this cave is accesible via a climbing rope, after which you are rewarded with a beautiful cave.

One of the guest inside the cave of Little Bay, watching at the white and green colors of the rocks.
Then, if you feel like exploring and don’t mind climbing a little bit, the ocher cliffs hide a nice little cave worth seeing.

Those who want to discover this beach, will need to do so by boat, as this cove has no access from the road. There are several charter companies that come here as well as private boats.

This spot is well known by locals and we find other boats anchored there most of the time. However, Little Bay is never really crowded and keeps its peaceful atmosphere.

Pyratz Gourmet Sailing hostess serving a glass of white Burgundy wine to guests while the boat is anchored right in front of Little Bay.
Have lunch and enjoy a glass of the wine you like while looking at the beautiful & peaceful creek of Little Bay.
One of the guest lying on the floating mat, on the pristine water of Little Bay, facing the ocher cliffs.
Or you can just lay down on our floating mat, get sun kissed and rest in this magnificient environment…

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