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Working towards a sustainable future in SXM – More green initiatives

Did you know that by 2050, plastic in the oceans is projected to outweigh fish? This alarming prediction comes from a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. As A. Leonard puts it:

“There is no such thing than away. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.”

Unfortunately, all too often, that “somewhere” ends up being landfills and our oceans.

When you live on an island, you face directly the negative impact of human consumption and behavior on nature. You spend a lot of time walking outside and unfortunately find on your way tons of trashes threw away right there by people (when the picnic is over…) or brought back by the sea. Plastic bags & bottles, food packaging, straws, cigarette butts, styrofoam containers and other types of wastes that pollute our environment and harm our wildlife. 

Few years ago, I started to understand the way we were consuming and our wastes had negative impacts on our planet. But I was not really aware of how big the impact was, and not facing it in my everyday life. I always lived in big cities where the “merry-go-round” of sweepers and garbage collectors was running at full speed. I was doing my good deeds, not using single use plastic bags when shopping, and recycling plastic, glass, paper and scrap metal. I was pretty satisfied with myself! Well… that was a good beginning! And if everybody start doing these two things, I am sure Mother Nature will be thankful. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough. 

We still consume so many things that can’t be recycled. Moreover, waste management and recycling can be very challenging and expensive, especially on an island. Now I clearly understand we should all be working towards reducing our waste, reuse and shop smart for a better future.

Numerous businesses and foundations in St Maarten and Saint Martin are working hard to protect our paradisiac island. Below are only few of them I experienced myself and invite you to discover:

  • Clean St Martin: This non-profit organisation encourages people to meet once a month to clean the beaches of the island. They do a wonderful job at raising awareness. #strongtogether
  • Waste2work: This upcycle center offers solutions to reduce the amount of reusable materials ending up on the landfills. Bring them your reusable waste materials and they will create unique furnitures & home decors! #reuse
  • Lost Beer: This delicious craft beer from Saint Martin is 100% natural and eco-friendly. Beers are delivered in hand-made wood cases and packs are made with jute rope. The best part is the bottles are refundable. #drinklocal 
  • My Straw Company: This local company offers affordabe alternatives against single-use plastic. Their 100% biodegradable straws will bring colors to your cocktails! Have a look at the collection, you will love it! #plasticfree 
  • Lagoonies: This is one of my favorite places in SXM! Not only the atmosphere is great, this bistro & bar sources many of their products from local farmers and initiate and support various eco-friendly initiatives. They also make their own beer! #sustainability
  • Jus en Folie: This shop offers local & natural options for food and beauty products, some being produced in-house. I personnaly use their solid shampoo & toothpaste and love them! You can learn their recipes during their weekly workshops. #zerowaste
  • SXM Fisheries: This farm owned by Shola is a true treasure in St Maarten. The island doesn’t produce a lot, 80% of products in supermarkets are imported. Shola and few other producers raise awareness on the importance to produce and consume more locally for a sustainable future! #supportlocal

Sustainability is also a priority for Pyratz Gourmet Sailing. Our mission from the beginning has been to offer a unique and authentic SXM experience while promoting sustainable tourism! You can learn more about our green initiatives on the following link: http://pyratzsxm.com/life-aboard/sustainable-tourism/