Pyratz Fine Dining

Whether you choose our staple dish of fresh lobster on the grill – cooked right in front of you – or one of our many other options, Pyratz is filled with passion for gastronomy, and thus your fine dining experience will be one to remember.

Our trips all include an all-inclusive offer with food & wine pairing, and open bar.

For half and full day trips we offer a 4-course gourmet dining experience, where the shorter sunset tapas charter explanably includes a range of tapas and full open bar.


Every start of the season, we redefine our menu for the year; perfectly combining both French and local Caribbean flavors to bring you that Pyratz experience.

Max, co-owner and Captain, finetunes the recipes with his passion for food, where co-owner Alisson complements the drinks menu with her professional background in wine and liquor.



Those who embark on a full day or overnight charter, will have the pleasure to experience the full. From a continental breakfast with fresh (real) croissaints and locally made jams (Caribbean flavors such as coconut, tamarind, guava, and banana) to a full blown 4-course gourmet Lunch or Dinner with the following maincourse options:

      • Fresh Grilled Lobster

      • Fresh Catch of the Day

      • Steak (for two)

      • Chicken

      • Vegetarian of vegan option

    To see our current, detailed menu check our Gastronomy page, where you will also find our wine list and cocktail options.



    For those who have committed to one of our shorter charters (Sunset Tapas cruise or Half day charter), will still be delighted with Gastronomy, without the breakfast option. During the Half Day charter we serve the exact same 4-course menu. During the Sunset Tapas we have a special Tapas menu, which you can also find on our Gastronomy page.


    As we do with our food menu at the start of the season, we also spend the time to perfect a new refreshing cocktail menu with local and interesting ingredients. For example, we use alchohol like Mutiny Vodka, A Caribbean (St Croix) liquor made from breadfruit; one of our very Caribbean foods.

    Another Caribbean alchohol that we use is Plantation 3 Stars Rum (also know as Planteray Rum), who blend flavours from three Caribbean islands; Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad.


    With our authentic food experience, there is always more to be had. Not everyone wants the same thing, and thus we offer a range of add-ons, some examples:

      • Rum float
      • Beers of the World option (4 different specialty beers)
      • Bottle Service
      • Celebration Cakes
      • Cheese platters
      • anything that is not listed? Let us know, and we’ll make it happen.



    Enjoy an Authentic Food Experience during your Boat Charter around St Maarten. Our homemade tasting menu combines French and Caribbean flavors and will pair perfectly with the wines we serve at lunch. Moreover, we obviously work with local fishermen and the best fresh produce

    Fine dining at sea is an incredible way to experience the island; with beautiful views whilst indulging in our local & French cuisine. Here are some images of our current menu options:

    Enjoy a rum tasting onboard Pyratz