Pyratz Fine Dining

Whether you choose our staple dish of fresh lobster on the grill – cooked right in front of you – or one of our many other options, Pyratz is filled with passion for gastronomy, and thus your dining experience will be one to remember. Our trips offer different menus, from 4-course gourmet dining options, to various different platters of French pastries, cheese & deli, or even sushi. We work with local fishermen and the best fresh produce available on island. Of course, we also offer tasteful vegan and glutenfree options. Click here to see our different menus.

Enjoy an Authentic Food Experience during your Boat Charter around St Maarten. Our homemade tasting menu combines French and Caribbean flavors and will pair perfectly with the wines we serve at lunch. Moreover, we obviously work with local fishermen and the best fresh produce.

Fresh Grilled Lobster served with our homemade Creole Sauce
Caviar on Yes Darling Charter
Caviar Kaviari