Baie Rouge – peace & serenity

baie rouge saint martin

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BAIE ROUGE / RED BAY ABOUT Nestled on the western shores of Saint Martin lies Baie Rouge Beach, a secluded haven for travelers seeking serenity and natural beauty. This Caribbean gem offers an escape from the crowds, which is why this is one of our favorite beaches.  The beach […]

Pinel Island – a slice of Paradise

Pinel Island Saint Martin

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PINEL ISLAND Accessible only by boat or paddle, the white sandy beaches, the transparent turquoise water and the heavenly setting makes Pinel Island a perfect little paradise. ABOUT  Îlet Pinel or otherwise known as Pinel Island, is a small slice of Paradise right off the North Eastern coast of […]

Happy Bay

happy bay saint martin

Happy Bay lies to the Northwest of St Martin, between Friars Bay and the Bay of Grand Case. It is a beautiful beach usually deserted other than a few nudists enjoying the privacy. An abandoned hotel on the hillside is a piece of the island history. It was first a victim of hurricane Luis in […]

Mullet Bay Beach


Surfers particularly appreciate this place for the regular roll of its waves making it a surfer’s delight. The beach bars bring a festive atmosphere to this beach where locals hangout on the weekend. It is also a nice spot for swimmers!

Long Bay

Galaxy Long Bay

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LONG BAY ABOUT At the South-west tip of the island, Long Bay or actually Baie Longue, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches of Saint Martin. Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, this dreamy beach is home to Saint Martin’s prestigious and most exquisite hotel, Belmond La […]


A high spot for marine turtles, Tintamarre is part of Saint Martin’s National Nature Reserve and is environmentally protected. The name of this undeveloped little island comes from the Spanish “tinta mare”. You will want to dive immediately into the crystal-clear turquoise water and get a tan on the soft white sand beach. A very […]

Maho Bay

maho bay sint maarten

Maho Bay is internationally known for its proximity with Princess Juliana Airport. This small strip of white sand is the perfect spot to see commercial planes landing and taking off right over your head.  You can actually find the timeline written on a surf board on the beach. Guaranteed show for aircrafts lovers and for […]

Friars Bay

friars bay saint martin

Never very crowded, Friar’s Bay is a peaceful place to enjoy a swim. The north side of the coast is a pretty spot for snorkeling.

Grand Case

grand case saint martin

Well protected, Grand Case Bay is the most picturesque anchorage in Saint Martin. There is an easy access to the village where you will find several fashion shops. Life is back to normal in Grand Case since the passage of hurricane Irma. Several bars and restaurants line the beach and make Grand Case Bay a […]

Creole Rock

creole rock saint martin

From several viewpoints of Sint Maarten, especially in front of Grand Case, you can see an imposing rock sticking out from the Caribbean sea: the Creole Rock. For all nature lovers, this is the place you must see!  Indeed, it is part of the Nature Reserve of St.Martin, created more than 20 years ago. The […]

Green Cay


One of the most interesting things about Green Cay is its proximity to Orient Bay, and the internationally known Orient Beach where you will find souvenir shops. The snorkeling site just east of Green Cay is superb. Placed under the protection of the National Nature Reserve, fishing is forbidden, which allows fauna and flora to […]