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What to do after quarantine in SXM?

After spending a couple of months isolated at home, we are now entering the end of a very long isolation period. I am so excited to finally get out! But to do what ? As the French government has announced the end of isolation, it will not mean that life will get back to “normal” anytime soon. The Government of Sint Maarten has also released its re-opening phases and implemented similar measures.

Restaurants and beaches are slowly re-opening but restrictions are in order. For instance in Saint Martin, people are only allowed on beaches for swimming and walking. No gathering or tanning session are allowed for now. I know it sucks… But at least we get to enjoy the sea again! Regarding restaurants, certain rules will have to be followed by owners such as keeping a greater distance between tables. In Sint Maarten, all businesses and services will have to implement Covid-19 mandatory guidelines as well.

However, there might still be that fear, after this worldwide pandemic, to go out to closed public places, do group activities and risk to get sick with Covid-19. This Corona virus has most certainly changed a part of our lives and made us feel vulnerable in a world where humans always tend to feel in control of everything. Who would have said before that crisis that we would have to wear masks and gloves to get out and that social distancing would become a rule? I would have never thought that this would have happened so fast! I mean it does sound like a futuristic apocalyptic science fiction movie.

So you might be wondering what we are going to be able to do in the following months. And what will we be willing to do ? 

Well, the sun is still shining and the sea more beautiful than ever. Wouldn’t it be perfect conditions for a boat day? Pyratz Gourmet Sailing, a recently formed catamaran charter company based in Simpson Bay, offers a great social distancing activity for those who are wondering how to safely spend their free time and enjoy. You can book a private trip with your family or close friends and have your own space and safe handling of all food & drinks. The boat is cleaned and sanitized after each trip and the crew is very cautious about hygiene on board. Probably some extra measures will be put in place as well.

This intimate outdoor activity is a must do to offset the stress that built these past months while staying safe and having fun without getting ruined. Pyratz is working on very affordable offers for SXM residents! According to the St Maarten re-opening plan, we will reopen on June 1st. Stay tune to know more about our Private Boat Trip Deals. I can’t wait to be back on the sea with you again!

In the meantime stay well, stay safe and listen to the ocean calling you.

Written by Max