Getaway to Île Fourchue

The other day, between two day charters with customers, we went on a one night / one day boat trip to île Fourchue. What a beautiful and peaceful place! ⁣

Île Fourchue, also known as Île Fourche, is one of the five zones of the Réserve Naturelle of Saint Barthélemy. Located between the island of St. Martin and St. Barthélémy, this uninhabited island is a charming place for a relaxing getaway surrounding by nature.

We left St. Martin with our catamaran at 4pm and arrived 2 hours and half later to Île Fourchue, perfect time for the Sunset!

The Pyratz Crew arriving to Île Fourchue at Sunset.
Arriving to Île Fourchue at Sunset with our Bali 45ft Power Catamaran

Only 2 other catamarans were anchored there. Max and I cheered to our mid-week break with nice cocktails and cooked a delicious meal on the barbecue. We spent the night under thousands of stars and saw many shooting stars. Yes, Île Fourchue is the place to go for a romantic boat trip with your loved one! ⁣

The following day, after a lovely pancakes & fresh juice breakfast, we went on a little hike, chasing beautiful views. We found so many cactus “Tête à l’Anglais” on our way! A rare and endangered species…⁣

Max, the Captain, hiking on Île Fourchue
Max, the Captain, hiking to the top of Île Fourchue
Beautiful Tête à l'Anglais Cactus on Île Fourchue
Beautiful Tête à l’Anglais Cactus on Île Fourchue

We finally spent a full hour snorkeling around the island and were lucky to meet three stingrays, one marine turtle, two baby sharks (not sure what specie it was) and finally a shoal of barracudas. It was a wonderful experience!

Captain Max and Hostess Alisson on a Discovery Boat Trip to Île Fourchue
Captain Max and Hostess Alisson on a Discovery Boat Trip to Île Fourchue

We loved it and can’t wait to share this experience with our guests! If you are interested in a Family Boat Trip or a Romantic Cruise to Île Fourchue in our modern and spacious 45ft Power Catamaran , contact us and we will plan an unforgettable getaway for you!