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Are you ready for a day on the water with us?

No matter what kind of day you’re looking for, we have it onboard Pyratz! You set the tune, and we’ll follow suit. And whilst relaxation and fine dining are favourites, there are usually some who are seeking the adventure, and we love catering to that. Our onboard toys are perfect for adventure; Our 2-person Kayak allows you to see the coastlines from closeby, whereas as the snorkeling gear allows you to also see the life below the waterline. But did you know that we also offer other toys as seperate add-ons? Depending on your wishes, we can add almost any extra option for your adventure. Here are a few examples of add-ons: Underwater Scooter: A really nice way to check out the underwater scene is to add on an underwater scooter. It’s an easy and fun way to explore the sea life without needing too much technique or ability to breathhold for long.

Seabob: A similar option, yet more advanced and faster, is the SeaBob. Its well-designed lines allow for a comfortable ride; a great way to explore below the water as well as the beautiful coastlines above-water, without needing to do any hard work. People love the feeling of gliding through the water effortlessly whilst exploring.

Wakeboarding: If you are feeling adventurous and being active, wakeboarding is a must. We can arrange a fast speedboat and wake board to meet you for 1 or 2 hours during your day onboard Pyratz.

Tubing: Similarly so, we can arrange a tubing adventure for you and your family. This option is great for any age range, as this large towable toy can accommodate up to 3 people and the level of speed is totally up to you.  

Tubing is great for any age range and can fit up to 3 persons

Electric Foilboard: For those who have good balance or experience with watertoys, might want to explore the Electric Foilboard. Depending on your level, we could organize this with an instructor to teach you the ropes.

Drone & Photography Package: Not quite part of the toys options, though this is often chosen in combination with the above, as adding this package means you can let someone else capture your day. No need to take photos or videos, we can do it for you, and we’ll even create a compilation for you to remember your day with us.

Our snorkeling gear allows you discover St Maarten’s underwater life